Real Estate Sales Statistics for Northern Kentucky


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Real Estate market statistics are extremely important if you are considering buying, selling or purchasing long-term real estate investment. More importantly local statistics that are specific to our community provide a snapshot that will benefit you as you move forward with your decision.

In the Northern Kentucky area, local statistics often contradict national trends, so it is a good idea to rely on these instead of national news media to determine future trends locally.

Northern Kenutucky MLS Market Trends:

1 Month

12 Months

  Dec 13 Jan 14 % Change Jan 13 Jan 14 % Change
Properties For Sale 2601 2513 -3 % 2706 2513 -7 %
Pendings (Under Contract) 361 430 19 % 469 430 -8 %
Sold Properties 357 328 -8 % 275 328 19 %